Music Therapy Services for Long-Term Care

Music Therapy Programs at Long-Term Care Facility

First of all, seniors LOVE music. They are not from a generation that grew up with iPods and CD players. In their generation, enjoyment of music was inherently social and music required active participation. Seniors still want, need, and love the opportunity to enjoy life, try new things and develop new skills.

Music therapy Programs at long-term health and nursing care centers can enhance quality of life by offering music experiences that can be meaningful, therapeutic, and joyful to seniors.


Starting a music therapy program at a facility brings new costs. However, what if the program could save money without sacrificing quality of care? What if it actually improved quality of care? The efficacy of music therapy has been demonstrated in literature and it includes improving pain, agitation, disruptive behaviors, communication, socialization, depression, and quality of life.


Music Therapy Group
  • Meets the needs of seniors
  • Limited to 12 regular participants
  • Designed to build and maintain functional goals in areas such as cognition and memory, fine and gross motor skills, socialization, emotional support and expression.
  • Structured with clearly defined plans
  • Major goal areas are best achieved in this group

Music Therapy Group can involve singing, music making with instruments, physical exercise, improvisation, song-writing, music-focused relaxation, and music-assisted life review.

Music therapy programs for seniors can contribute in bringing a greater satisfaction in life. Please contact Tae Kim at 404-034-0115 or [email protected] to schedule a session for your residents.