Music Therapy for Children and Youth

Music Therapy for Children and Youth

It is believed that every child has the innate and wonderful ability to understand the meaning of music and respond to it. Music provides a safe and secure environment where children can fully and completely live. The musical experience of being free, accepted, and confident contributes to building a healthy relationship and provides motivation for acquiring functional skills. Music plays an important role in reaching their developmental potential.

Music Therapy Services for Children with Special Needs

1. Music Therapy Assessment

The music therapy assessment process is designed to gain an understanding of the individual’s current level of functioning while engaging in a variety of intentional and developmentally sound music experiences. The music therapy intervention plan is based on the assessment outcomes. It integrates a variety of strategies and music therapy techniques (e.g., singing, vocalization, instrumental play, movement, musical improvisation, or composition/songwriting). The assessment usually takes 2 sessions to complete.

2. Individual Music Therapy

Each session is scheduled for 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the individual’s attention span. The client engages in a variety of musical experiences that are designed to specifically impact the goals.

3. Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy sessions provide a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and interact with peers. Music therapists structure group sessions in a multitude of ways for the development and/or strengthening of a host of physical, cognitive, social, communicative, and emotional based skills.